SRM Madurai College for Engineering and Technology

About R&D Cell

What do we Aspire for?

To establish SRM Madurai College for Engineering and Technology as a pioneering center for Research and Development to foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. 


To nurture a vibrant research culture that promotes creativity, and critical thinking among faculty members and students.

To disseminate research findings through publications, conferences, and knowledge transfer activities, contributing to the global scientific community.

To actively engage and inspire the next generation of engineers, fostering a spirit of lifelong learning and a passion for collaborative research and innovation.

About R&D Cell
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Promoting Research Culture

Research and Development promotes information on the policies, practices and outcomes of the SRM MCET, with reference to research, consultancy and extension. It deals with the facilities provided and efforts made to promote a ‘research culture’. The responsibility of R&D is to enable faculty to undertake research projects useful to the society.

The SRM MCET provides support in terms of academic and human resources required and timely administrative decisions to enable faculty to submit project proposals and to approach funding agencies for mobilizing resources for Research. The faculties are empowered to take up research activities utilizing the existing facilities.

The institution encourages faculty members to engage in interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research activities and resource sharing. The required infrastructure in terms of space, equipments and support facilities will be made available on the campus premises.

The collaboration with other agencies/ institutions/research bodies for sharing research facilities and undertaking collaborative research are highly appreciated and motivated

Activity organized or managed by the Faculty for an external agency for which the expertise and the specific knowledge base of the faculty becomes the major input. Sustainable practices of the institution leading to superior performance resulting in successful outcome in terms of knowledge transformation which will be benefited for the learner as well as the community as a whole.