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Science and Humanities

Strengthening the Fundamentals
Engineering electrical brilliance

Cultivating Technical Expertise with a Strong Foundation

The Departments of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English and Tamil provide the sound substructure to the students of Engineering to strengthen their sky-rocketing superstructure with applications and inventions.

The post-doctoral experts in Physics and other vibrant doctorates in Maths, Chemistry, English, and Tamil lay a solid foundation to that effect.

They together chisel and hone the students’ skills through extensive lab assignments and academic discourses. The lab modules, tutorial sessions, and interactive methodologies build a broad base upon which students’ application of core knowledge reaches greater heights.

Science and Humanities Department in SRM Madurai
Vision and Mission of Science and Humanities Department
What do we Aspire for?
Our Vision

Providing the comprehensive knowledge in basic sciences to Engineering and Technology students to shine in their domain.

Our Mission

To cultivate an interest towards basic sciences by furnishing an excellent teaching learning environment.

To emphasis on appreciation of math, physics and chemistry in engineering application.

To inculcate the practice of soft skill resources and excel in placement, higher studies and research.

Department of Maths

Department of Maths

Simplifying Engineering Problems

The department promotes excellence in teaching and learning of Mathematics and encourages the spirit of inquiry, application, and an appreciation of the intrinsic beauty of Mathematics. It establishes the indispensable utility of Mathematics in comprehending and exploring the ever-growing Engineering concepts.

Department of Physics

Department of Physics

Equipping with the Fundamentals

The department brings forth the fundamental proficiency an Engineer required to possess in Physics for the development of innovative technocrats, and for solving the exigent conditions with the combination of research based teaching and interactive learning among the students.


The main objective of the Physics Laboratory is to inculcate basic and practical knowledge in Physics and to build the foundation of Engineering education for the students. It is endowed with equipment to conduct experiment mainly on mechanics, optics, laser, acoustics and semiconductor physics. Physics laboratory is equipped with instruments like Spectrometer, Travelling Microscope, Function, LCR, PN-Junction, Laser, Fiber Optic, Energy gap, Photoelectric effect, Melde’s string, Newton rings, and Grating.

Department of Chemistry

Providing the pinnacle of knowledge

The department of Chemistry strives for excellence in all aspects of teaching, to enable Engineering students reach the pinnacle of knowledge that is demanding in industries, academic, and research organizations globally. A team of highly qualified and dedicated faculty members ensure quality education with its practical application in all areas.


The main objective of the lab is to provide students a solid foundation of the nature and property of chemicals to innovate newer things, and solve current and future Engineering problems. It gives them a deep understanding of the principles of water quality testing like acidity, alkalinity, hardness, dissolved oxygen and chloride.

Also, it helps them to overcome the challenges in water quality management of the future societal requirements. By employing the basic techniques used for analysis of conductometry, potentiometry and pH metry. Furthermore, the students will be able to develop the skills necessary to design and develop new alloys for a range of industrial applications.

Department of Chemistry
Department of English

Department of English

Teaching the holistic use of language

The department aims at building the students' communication competencies in all the four skills. It gives individual attention to students so as to make them each effective communicators. Apart from teaching the students the prescribed syllabi, it also focuses on other activities that make them competent in the holistic use of language.


The institution features an excellent communication laboratory to encourage and improve students of different calibre and needs. Numerous practice exercises, and many handpicked modules from reliable internet sources are made available for the students.

From basic communicative competencies to cracking qualifying and competitive exams like GRE, TOEFL and IELTS, authentic weblinks have been provided for consistent practice and learning.

The modules are designed with due care so that self-study is also a decisive advantage. Besides, diverse exercises on Verbal Analogy, Antonyms, Error Spotting, and Comprehension (Reasoning, Descriptive, Comparative and Analytical) exercises attract students immensely and make learning a pleasant, enjoyable, and worthy experience.

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