SRM Madurai College for Engineering and Technology

Code of Conduct

Cultivating Responsible Citizens

Building a Culture of Respect and Responsibility

Code of Conduct for Students


Discipline and decorum are the foremost priorities in every respect of any student’s conduct. Formal dress code is obligatory for all. Misbehaviour of any sort is viewed seriously and is liable to be penalized.

Student Identity

Wearing valid college ID card with tag is a must within the college premises particularly during working hours.

Lab Wearings

Laboratory coats should be worn while attending lab classes.

Mobile Phone Usage

Use of mobile phone is prohibited during academic hours and violating it would attract penalty and disciplinary action.


Punctuality and full attendance are crucial, failing which disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.

Leave Procedure

All leaves are to be taken with prior permission or arrangements be made by the parents/guardian, in case of unavoidable circumstances. Long leaves that are deemed unworthy may attract penalty or disciplinary action.

Attendance percentage

A minimum of 75% of attendance has to be maintained by the students as per the norms.

Qualification for University Exams

Students who fail to comply with Anna University’s prescription of 75% of attendance will not be permitted to take semester examinations and such student(s) have to redo the course and complete it with the prescribed attendance to proceed with subsequent semesters.

Extra-curricular Activities

Students should take prior permission from the respective Co-ordinator and HoD for attending all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

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