SRM Madurai College for Engineering and Technology

R&D Functionalities

R&D Functionalities

Institutional strategies for planning, upgrading and creating infrastructural facilities to meet the needs of researchers.

Efforts in developing scientific temper and research culture and aptitude among students and Faculty.

Workshops/ training programmes/ sensitization programmes conducted/organized by the SRM MCET with focus on capacity building in terms of research and imbibing research.

Efforts in attracting researchers of eminence to visit the campus.

Measure adopted for faculty involvement in active initiatives and social development.

Total budget will be earmarked for research based on RAC and DAC recommendations.

Seed money to the faculty for research based on RAC and DAC recommendations.

Mechanism used to measure the optimal use of various equipment and research facilities.

Support provided to the faculty in securing research funds from various funding agencies, industry and other organizations.

Highlight the major research achievements of the faculties and students.

Systems and strategies for establishing institute-industry interface.

Consultancy policy as approved by RAC.

Guidelines for collaborate and interact with research laboratories, institutes and industry through RAC.

Collaborative research facilities developed/ created inside the campus.

Linkages/collaborations have actually resulted in formal MoUs and agreements.