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Unveiling the World of Mechanical Engineering

The institution offers a Bachelor’s Degree program in Mechanical Engineering. Our students are trained and equipped to embark on a transformative journey that inculcates in them the skills needed to thrive in the dynamic world of Mechanical Engineering.

At our institution, we believe in a holistic approach to education. In addition to students’ technical proficiency, effective communication, teamwork, and leadership abilities are also emphasized.

Purposeful education provided

At SRM MCET, opportunities for internships, industry collaborations, and research partnerships are arranged with a view to provide students gain real-world experience who in turn contribute meaningfully to the Engineering industry and the society as a whole.

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What we provide?

Why SRM Madurai for Mechanical Engineering?

Upon completing our Bachelor’s Degree program in Mechanical Engineering, the students will possess the skills and expertise necessary to excel in various sectors such as automotive, aerospace, energy, manufacturing, robotics, and more.

Expert Faculty & Guidance

Excellent guidance throughout their journey at SRM MCET is provided with which our students grasp complex concepts, provide practical insights, and mentor them in developing the critical skills required to succeed in the field.

Placement and Career Support

Our dedicated faculty in Placement Cell works closely with students to enhance their employability skills by refining their resumes, by conducting mock interviews, and by facilitating networking events with potential employers.

Practical Training

Excellent practical sessions, workshops, and laboratory exercises, allow students to apply theoretical understanding to practical applications in real-world scenarios. Students can work with advanced equipment and simulation software and conduct experiments that simulate industry practices.

Collaborative Learning

The institution provides a supportive learning environment that encourages students to collaborate with other branches, share ideas, and learn from each other.

Personalized Attention

Our members of faculty offer personalized attention to each student to achieve their academic and career goals by allowing them to reach their full potential.

International Exposure

Our add-on programs provide a unique opportunity for students to gain international exposure, develop cross-cultural skills, and broaden their horizons.

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A glimpse into the Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Department in SRM Madurai

Why Choose Mechanical Engineering?

Our department’s core priorities are bridging Engineering education with research, addressing industry challenges, and fulfilling societal needs.

We are proud to provide a modern infrastructure that facilitates high-end teaching, research, and developmental activities for the benefit of our students and scholars.

Sense of Ethics

Our graduates possess a solid foundation in the principles and practices of Mechanical Engineering, a strong sense of ethics, and a commitment to society and the environment.

Preparing for Promising career

Our well-equipped laboratories cater to academic, industrial, and research requirements. Our curriculum fosters creative thinking, product development, problem-solving abilities, and effective teamwork while upholding professional ethics. These essential skills prepare our students for promising career-related sectors.

What we do?

Educate through experienced minds

Our department takes pride in our highly qualified and experienced faculty members with diverse specializations from renowned institutes. They actively engage in research and regularly publish high-quality research articles alongside their academic responsibilities.

The strength of our department lies in the combined expertise of our faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, innovative teaching methodologies, and regular student counselling sessions.

These factors play a crucial role in nurturing and transforming average students into confident, highly employable Engineers who stay updated with the latest technological trends in the market.

The department makes every effort to give its students the necessary environment to turn them into sought-after technocrats in the future.

Department of Mechanical in SRM Madurai

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What do we Aspire for?
Our Vision

To evolve as a centre of repute in Mechanical Engineering by producing quality Engineers through technical education and scientific approach.

Our Mission

To provide state of art, facilities and environment for quality education in Mechanical Engineering.

To train the students in problem solving skills to bridge the industrial needs.

To impart professional practices for societal well-being.

Vision and Mission of Mechanical Engineering Department

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Exclusive Facilities at SRM

Technological advancements of our Department

Strength of Materials Lab
Strength of Materials Lab
The Objective:

The main objective of this lab is to introduce various classical experiments and diagnostic techniques and the principles behind these techniques.

The Strength of Materials lab aims to demonstrate the basic principles of strength and mechanics of materials and structural analysis to undergraduate students through experiments.

Thermal Engineering Lab
Why This Lab?

The purpose of the Thermal Engineering laboratory is to give conceptual and principles involving Thermal Science, primarily focusing on internal combustion engines, steam generators and compressors. The mobility sector utilizes the IC combustion engine, the heart of the automobile industry.

Thermal Engineering Lab
Dynamics Lab
Dynamics Lab
About The lab:

Dynamics Laboratory in the Mechanical Engineering department is designed to help students gain practical knowledge of mechanical systems' kinematics, dynamics, and vibrations.

The laboratory typically contains a range of equipment and experiments that allow students to explore the principles of dynamics, such as the motion of particles, forces and acceleration, and the behaviour of vibrating systems and learn to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios by conducting experiments and analyzing data.

Some of the standard experiments undertaken in a dynamics laboratory include measuring the motion of a simple pendulum, studying the behaviour of a vibrating beam, and analyzing the dynamics of a rotating system.

Overall, the dynamics laboratory is an essential component of Mechanical Engineering curriculum, as it provides students with hands-on experience and practical skills that can be applied in many fields, from aerospace and automotive engineering to robotics and manufacturing.

Know the advancements:

CAD / CAM Lab (Computer-Aided Design / Computer-Aided Manufacturing laboratory) in a Mechanical Engineering department is equipped with computer workstations and software tools for designing and manufacturing mechanical components and systems.

In a CAD/CAM laboratory, students can learn about 2D and 3D modelling, simulation, finite element analysis, tool path planning, CNC machining and product development.

Students can also learn about the utility of software tools, such as AutoCAD, Creo, Solid Works, and ANSYS, to design, analyze and manufacture mechanical parts and assemblies.

The laboratory is equipped with specialized hardware and software tools such as CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines and 3D printers. These tools enable students to fabricate mechanical parts and assemblies prototypes using CAD software.

Overall, a CAD/CAM laboratory provides students with a valuable learning experience and prepares them to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world engineering problems.


The Association for Knowledge Sharing

Department Associations in SRM Madurai 2

(Excellence through passion)


To nurture interest in the field of automobile and give the students a stage on which to excel in automotive field.


Students Members can get knowledge on critical thinking, creativity and problems solving skills with integrity and inclusivity in the area of automobile engineering.


To promote the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and expertise among student members.
To inculcate professional skills and development through organizing workshops, seminars, conferences, and training programs.


Students Members can benefit from the sharing of expertise, research findings, and innovative ideas, leading to advancements in the field of mechanical engineering.

Community outreach programs:

These programs involve working with local organizations or schools to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and encourage young people to pursue careers in Mechanical Engineering.

Purpose of this initiative

By participating in this department association, students can gain valuable leadership experience, enhance their technical skills, and develop a professional network to widen their career choices.

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