SRM Madurai College for Engineering and Technology

R&D Organization Structure

R&D Roadmap

R&D of SRM MCET has a keen role in driving through innovation, generating of new knowledge, and commitment to contribute for the long-term growth and success. It is planned to achieve through Research Planning and Strategy, Project Management, Research Analysis, Intellectual Property Rights, Collaboration and Partnerships, Budgeting and Resource Allocation, Documentation and Reporting.

R&D creates a roadmap that outlines the research initiatives and duties. R&D wing can tap into the diverse skills, knowledge, and perspectives of their teams, resulting in enhanced problem-solving capabilities among the faculty members and students by promotion of “Research Culture”.

Further, R&D roadmap serves as a visual representation of an organization’s R&D strategy and plans. Its primary purpose is to provide a clear, concise, and strategic vision of how an organization will achieve its innovation objectives over a specified period. The flow diagram shown will serve the key purposes.