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Programs from SRM Madurai

Both conventional programs like Civil, Mechanical, EEE, ECE, CSE, and IT, and new programs like AIDS, AIML, CS are being offered with futuristic vision to cater the expectations of the student community and the industry requirements of today and tomorrow.

Undergraduate (UG) Programs (4 Years)

SRM Madurai Civil Engineering program

B.E Civil Engineering

This course prepares students to design, build, and maintain the infrastructure that our society relies on.

B.E Mechanical Engineering

This program prepares students for a career in mechanical systems design, development, and manufacturing.

SRM Madurai Electrical & Electronics Engineering program

B.E Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The program teaches students the fundamentals and the latest technologies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and prepares them for a career in various industries.

SRM Madurai Computer Science Engineering program

B.E Computer Science and Engineering

This program explores the updated programming languages in Computer Science and Engineering which promise excellent career opportunities in the digital era.

SRM Madurai Electronics & Communication Engineering program

B.E Electronics & Communication Engineering

This program focuses on studying Electronic Devices, Circuits, Communication Systems, and Networking which are indispensable in diverse fields of Engineering and Technology.

SRM Madurai Computer Science and Engineering program

B.E Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security)

This program combines the study of the principles of Computer Science and Engineering and Cyber Security.

SRM Madurai Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineering program

B.E Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

This program equips students for a successful career in developing and applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

SRM Madurai Information Technology Engineering program

B.Tech Information Technology

The program prepares students for a career in developing, managing, and using Information Technology systems

SRM Madurai Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Engineering program

B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

In this program, students learn the specialised programs of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, which prepare them for a career in these rapidly growing fields.

Postgraduate (PG) Programs (2 Years)

SRM Madurai VLSI Engineering program

M.E VLSI Design

This postgraduate program focuses on studying integrated Circuit Design, Development, and Implementation. Also, it focuses on VLSI Design, Simulation, and Testing to create complex and high-performance integrated circuits for various applications.

SRM Madurai Engineering Design program

M.E Engineering Design

In this program, students develop skills in Engineering Design, Simulation, and Analysis that enable them to create innovative and efficient techniques for products, systems, and processes

Master of Business Adminstration

The program has been planned to prepare the future managers with updated skills, knowledge in collaboration with industries & management associates.

SRM Infrastructure

Education Elevated with State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

A stimulating learning environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and academic excellence is provided.


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