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With technology becoming increasingly integral to every aspect of our lives, the demand for skilled IT professionals continues to grow. SRM Madurai recognizes the need for adaptable and knowledgeable graduates who can thrive in this fast-paced industry.

Demand Focused Learning

Information Technology program at SRM Madurai focuses on equipping students with a strong foundation in core IT principles while fostering critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability.

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What we provide?

Why SRM Madurai for Information Technology?

Comprehensive Syllabus

A wide range of topics like, programming languages and software development methodologies to cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity, etc are covered to give students a comprehensive knowledge.

Career Prospects

The strong connections made with industry leaders facilitate the students to work on real-world projects, gain industry exposure, and improve their network with professionals through internships, industry-sponsored events, and career fairs that altogether enhance their learning experience and pave a platform to exciting career prospects.

Faculty Excellence

The excellent team of faculty members are passionate about mentoring students, offering personalized guidance, and staying updated with industry trends. Students benefit from their wealth of knowledge and practical insights that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities in the IT field.

Hands-on Learning

Making students learn by doing the program incorporates hands-on projects, lab sessions, and practical assignments to ensure that students gain valuable experience by applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Community and Networking

Making our students engage in student clubs, attend industry events, and participate in hackathons and coding competitions, their network gets widened by collaborating with peers, and professional experts which eventually enhance their skills get beyond the classroom.

Innovation Opportunities

The students are encouraged to explore their research interests and foster a culture of innovation. Through research projects, internships, and collaborations with leading organizations, students have opportunities to contribute to cutting-edge advancements in Information Technology.

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A glimpse into the Information Technology Department

Information Technology Engineering Department in SRM Madurai

Why Choose this Department?

The Department of Information Technology is crafted to nurture motivated, innovative, and passionate graduates to fill ICT positions across sectors that can conceptualize, design, analyze, and develop ICT applications to meet the modern-day requirements.

Developing leadership abilities

The outcome-based curriculum delivers the most advanced theoretical concepts and practical skills in the domain. This program develops students’ critical, innovative, and problem-solving abilities for a smooth transition from academia to the corporate world.

Exploring Various Aspects

Information Technology encompasses a variety of areas related to computation and applications of computing like the Development of Algorithms, Analysis of Algorithms, Programming Languages, Software Design, Computer Hardware, E-Commerce, Business Information Technology, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Block Chain Technology, Augmented Virtual Reality, Mobile Application Development, IoT, Wireless Sensor networking, and Web Technology.

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What do we Aspire for?
Our Vision

To attain the centre of Academic excellence in the field of Information Technology through quality education, leading edge research and services.

Our Mission

Producing technically competent and skilled intellectual IT professionals by imparting quality teaching.

Promoting innovative centric education and cutting edge research in Information Technology.

Inculcating professional behavior, ethical values, innovative research capabilities and leadership abilities among faculty and students.

Accelerating the thirst of learning to update the technological growth through Industry Collaboration in providing solutions to the societal problems.

Vision and Mission of Information Technology Engineering Department

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Exclusive Facilities at SRM

Technological advancements of our Department

Networks Lab
Networks Lab
Why This lab?

This lab is dedicated to students working with projects, practical experiments and research work related to courses like Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Mobile Communications, Software-Defined Networking, the Internet of Things, Future Networks (5G) and Cloud Computing.

All desktops/laptops in the Computer Network lab are interconnected through LAN and Wi-Fi.

The lab consists of workstations, various types of high and branded routers, switches, and load balancers with state-of-the-art Intel XEON-based Servers having an exemplary configuration to support IT-Infrastructure on the campus.

Why This lab?

OOPS Lab is used to strengthen the problem solving ability by using the characteristics of an object-oriented approach.

This lab reinforces understanding of basic object oriented programming concepts (objects, classes and subclasses, methods) and their expression in Java.

It also provides practice using non-object aspects of Java (loops, conditionals, etc.)to develop applications using generic programming and event handling.


The Association for Knowledge Sharing

Association for Knowledge Sharing

To provide a forum for exhibiting and enhancing the coding skills of the students.


Students will apply the logic of the problem and solve it with optimized solution through their pseudocode and programming skills.


To make constructive progress in learning technology through the student association for their technical and leadership.


Students will show the leadership skill and teamwork by conducting Technical events.

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