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Through effective impartment of technical knowledge by experienced faculty members and industry experts, students gain a solid foundation in the principles of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Gain Practical Experience

Our state-of-the-art laboratories allow students to apply theoretical concepts and enhance their problem-solving abilities. From designing and building circuits to troubleshooting complex systems, our students gain practical experience in various Electrical and Electronics Engineering areas.

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Why SRM Madurai for Electrical & Electronics Engineering

By choosing SRM Madurai’s Electrical & Electronics Engineering program, students are setting themselves up for a successful and fulfilling career in a rapidly expanding field backed by quality education, hands-on experience, and a supportive academic community.

Excellence in Education

Our Electrical & Electronics Engineering program provides a comprehensive and rigorous training that equips students with the proficiency and experience to thrive in the industry.

Cutting-Edge Facilities

With state-of-the-art facilities available, the maximum utility of the equipment by individual students is ensured. This allows students to apply theoretical concepts and gain practical skills in a real-world setting.

Accomplished Faculty

Our faculty members are highly skilled with a deep understanding of the field. They are dedicated to fostering an engaging learning environment and providing personalized attention to students, ensuring their academic success and overall development.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Our curriculum is crafted to stay up-to-date with industry trends and demands. We collaborate with industry partners to integrate practical applications and real-world case studies into our courses to ensure that our graduates are well-prepared to meet industry challenges.

Innovation Opportunities

Our students are encouraged to explore their research interests and foster a culture of innovation. Through research projects, internships, and collaborations with leading organizations, students have opportunities to contribute to cutting-edge advancements in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Strong Industry Connections

By establishing strong connections with industry leaders and professionals, valuable information inputs are delivered to the students through guest lectures, workshops, and networking events, which provide them valuable exposure, internships, and potential job opportunities.

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A glimpse into the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department in SRM Madurai

Why Choose this Department?

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) aims at imparting quality education to Engineering students in the field. The program is duly approved by AICTE and affiliated with ANNA University, Chennai. The department has excellent infrastructure and is currently served by a team of well-qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty.

Developing leadership abilities

A Collaborative and an innovative learning environment are fostered, through which students engage in team projects, research initiatives, and industry internships. These experiences enhance their technical skills, cultivate critical thinking, and perfect their communication, and leadership abilities.

Fostering networking opportunities

To further enhance students' professional growth, SRM Madurai has strong industry connections and collaborations with which guest lectures, workshops, and industrial visits, are organized to provide students with insights into real-world applications and fostering networking opportunities.

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What do we Aspire for?
Our Vision

To become centre of academic excellence in the discipline of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, to enable them to acquire the positions of societal responsibility, environmental issues and ethical values.

Our Mission

To empower the learners in fundamentals and make focus in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

To educate the learners for becoming a global excellence in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

To cultivate a multidisciplinary knowledge among the leaners through quality education and research.

Vision and Mission of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department

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Exclusive Facilities at SRM

Technological advancements of our Department

Control System Lab
Control System Lab
The Objective:

The objective of the lab is to design a system and calculate the transfer function, analyzing the stability of the plan (both open and closed loop, with positive and negative feedback) with time domain approach and frequency response analysis, using MATLAB and also developing the system which is dynamic with state space analysis.

Machines Lab
Why This Lab?

Electrical machines play a significant role in the power system. The department's laboratory for electrical appliances is adequately furnished with various DC and AC machines and transformers.

Electrical Machines Laboratory aims to provide a thorough grasp of all forms of DC and AC machines (such as Induction and Synchronous Motors, Transformers, DC generators and Alternators).

The designed experiments help the students comprehend the equipment's theory and operation.

Electrical Machines Laboratory
Power Electronics Lab
Power Electronics Lab
About The lab:

This lab aims to provide students with a practical understanding of power electronic components and their applications.

Several modules for characteristic curve analysis of power electronic components, such as disc, triac, thyristors, and UJTs, and experimental setups for converters, inverters, choppers, and dc motor speed control are available in this lab.

The consulting services may be made available to relevant industries.

Electronic Devices and Circuit Lab

This laboratory aims to give students practical exposure to various electronic components, semiconductor devices and electronic instruments, which facilitate the design of basic electronic circuits and analysis of their characteristics.

The laboratory caters to the courses on primary electronic devices and analogue electronic circuits, enabling the students to verify the theoretical concepts of electronic devices and circuits.

Electric Circuits lab

The Association for Knowledge Sharing

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department Associations in SRM Madurai

To make awareness about ways of conservation, opportunities, through technical events.
To create cultivate among users about conservation of electrical energy.
To give awareness about “Energy Audit”


Able to conduct events and exhibit their innovative ideas in various events.
Able to create awareness among the public about conservation of electrical energy.
Able to do energy audit in the industry.

Association: Ivolt

To enable the students to develop their organizational capabilities and team work apart from various technical skills.


Recognizes the components of the electric circuit.
Able to describe the electric circuit.
Able to develop basic models based on the electrical circuits.

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