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Computer Science and Engineering

Programming the Future Digital World
Learn to code and change the world

Empowering Digital Innovators of Tomorrow

A comprehensive and cutting-edge education is provided to tackle real-world challenges head-on. Inculcation of rigorous theoretical foundations with practical experience at labs makes the graduates well-equipped professionals ready to impact the industry significantly.

Become a future-ready professional

The program incorporates practical experience through internships, research projects, and design competitions to unleash the potential of students which in turn make the students well-prepared and be a future-ready professional in the fast-pacing computer era.

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What we provide?

Why SRM Madurai for Computer Science and Engineering?

For those who aspire to become a Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Cyber Security Expert, or Technology Entrepreneur, the Computer Science and Engineering program at SRM Madurai offers a solid foundation for a successful career in the ever-evolving tech industry.

Expert Faculty

The faculty members are highly experienced professionals passionate about Computer Science and Engineering. They bring industry and academic expertise to the classroom, providing students valuable insights and mentorship.

Industry Collaborations

Strong ties with leading technology-oriented companies, and fostering partnerships and collaborations are well-maintained for the benefit of students. Through internships, industry projects, and guest lectures, students can engage with professionals, gain industry exposure, and build valuable networks.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Modern and well-equipped laboratories and research facilities support our program. Students have access to the latest software, hardware, and networking technologies, allowing them to gain practical experience and experiment with cutting-edge tools.

Research Opportunities

Students are encouraged and motivated to participate in national and international conferences to publish research papers. Also, they have the privilege to contribute their novel ideas to advancements in the field by working with faculty members on cutting-edge projects.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Interdisciplinary ventures are emphasized by integrating Computer Science principles with other disciplines, such as Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, and Data Science. This approach prepares students to bring in a variety of ideas from different branches to handle complex challenges with effective solutions.

Personalized Support

By offering personalized care, career counselling, mentorship to support students navigate their educational journey, and make informed decisions about their future, SRM Madurai is always committed to making students accomplish success in their chosen field of study.

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A glimpse into the Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science Engineering Department in SRM Madurai

Why Choose this Department?

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering strives to create an ambience of academic excellence in which new ideas, research and innovations emerge from which tomorrow’s leaders and innovators arise.

Learn the emerging technology

The four-year undergraduate program in Computer Science equips the students with the advanced areas of the core contents and the specialized topics in emerging technology.

With a highly qualified and dedicated team of faculty and technicians, future techies, scientists, executives, and entrepreneurs are nurtured with a creative approach.
With its excellent infrastructure, it holistically keeps pace with the ever-changing needs of the industries and the job market.

Licenced Software & Internet Access

The necessary software with license and internet facilities are available for all students. Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, the department also stresses developing analytical skills, communication, problem-solving, and teamwork abilities.

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What do we Aspire for?
Our Vision

To become a centre of excellence in technical education and scientific research in the field of Computer Science and Engineering for the wellbeing of the society.

Our Mission

Producing graduates with a strong theoretical and practical in computer technology to meet the Industry expectation.

Offering holistic learning ambience for faculty and students to investigate, apply and transfer knowledge.

Inculcating interpersonal traits among the students leading to employability and entrepreneurship.

Establishing effective linkage with the Industries for the mutual benefits.

Strengthening Research activities to solve the problems related to industry and society.

Vision and Mission of Computer Science Engineering Department

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Exclusive Facilities at SRM

Technological advancements of our Department

The OOPS Lab
Python Programming Lab
The Purpose:

Python programming is developed and approved under open source license. It is freely usable and distributable.

This lab contributes in web application development, scientific calculation, real-world problem-solving, Data Analysis and Statistical problem exploration. The laboratory experiments explore the formation of solutions using Python packages.


The Association for Knowledge Sharing

Science and Humanities Department in SRM Madurai

To facilitate the students in inter-college events and to conduct such events in the home campus that invoke the technical and creative skills of every single individual with the constant support of all the students and faculty members.


Students will exhibit the leadership skill and teamwork by organizing various events.


To make the students to develop software that meets the on demand problems.


Students will apply the programming knowledge to develop the solutions for real world problems.

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